Bills Before the Nebraska Legislature

The first Bitlicense was passed in New York in 2015, and the economic impact was swift and widely publicized. Companies such as Kraken, Shapeshift, and many others moved their businesses out of the state as a result of this regulation. (Suspiciously, Ben Lawsky, the bill's author, erected it and then quickly took a job in the private sector on the other side of the table.) We have the benefit of hindsight to see the deleterious impact it had on economy there. Innovation and talent was driven out of the state as companies moved towards more bitcoin and blockchain-friendly environments.

And here we are three years later, seemingly without any context, facing four bills of our own in Nebraska. Two of which concern blockchain, distributed ledger, and smart contracts. The others, more onerous and of greater concern, deal more specifically with digital currencies, exchanges, and private keys. Such a nascent industry and cryptocurrency is not prepared for this type of regulation - there is plenty of rapid maturation to occur still, and especially not so heavy-handed. There has been minimal, if any, consideration given for future technological developments which are occurring every day.

Together we, as a community can make our voice heard and take a stand against these unnecessary rules, designed by corporate behemoths and politicians that will only hinder innovation and hurt small business. This site was built to help spread the word and provide status updates, educational resources, and information on the appropriate parties to contact. Please help us spur a healthy dialogue and make our feelings known!


Take Action

1. Educate yourself

Read and study the legislation

2. CONnect

Email or send a letter to the appropriate senators, use the hashtag #nebraskabitlicense on social media, and sign up for our mailing list


Anybody can attend the hearings - and we encourage you to share your perspective during open comments (Follow instructions here)

4. Contribute

Support our efforts via cryptocurrency

LB 691

hearing: February 7th 1:30 PM ROOM 1113

Hearing Location: 1445 K St Lincoln, NE 68508

Sponsor: Carol Blood (Facebook)

Committee Chairperson: Laura Ebke (Judiciary Committee)

LB 987

HEARING: February 6th 1:30 PM Room 1507

Hearing Location: 1445 K St Lincoln, NE 68508

Sponsor: Paul Schumacher

Committee Chairperson: Brent Lindstrom (Banking Committee)

A wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement
— Thomas Jefferson